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Protect Your Assets With Our Fire Protection Service

Fire can happen in the least time you’ve expected. So, make sure that your building is prepared. Protect your people and important resources by calling Aqua Fire Protection, Inc. today. We offer top-notch fire protection service to both businesses and residential homes in Stockton, CA. We’re consistent in providing affordable and top-notch solutions. Continue reading to learn what we have in store for you.

What We Offer

TI Commercial Underground

TI Commercial Underground
We provide fire protection on deep underground buildings such as installing them with a manual fire system and sprinkler system. Our approaches will vary depending on their deepness. We can also help owners in creating an effective escape plan for their employees and guests during a fire.

Commercial and Residential Fire Protection

Commercial and Residential Fire Protection
Aqua Fire Protection, Inc. is expert in designing, installing, inspecting, and improving the three main types of active fire protection systems. We also work on passive fire protection such as your fire exits and fire detection system. Tell us more about your building and its purpose so that we can devise the best design for it.


We offer comprehensive fire system testing and inspection on hydrant systems and sprinklers. A few of the things we’ll look at are the systems’ effectiveness and reliability. We’ll also review technical documents, perform risk management, and do repairs to issues found.

Sprinklers Installation

Sprinklers Installation
Know the best sprinkler for your property. Every option has different purposes. One of the things we’ll take into account in installing them is their thermal sensitivity. The activation time of the sprinkler can highly affect the survival of occupants in case a fire breaks out.

Fire Pumps

Fire Pumps
We’re experts in various styles of fire pumps. Our works also comply with NFPA 20 requirements. When choosing it, we always consider the building infrastructure, available space, and capacity. We’ll consider its size based on the area’s demand.  Consult us to know the cost of the styles and controller options.

Fire Pump Inspection

Fire Pump Inspection
We can conduct a thorough and professional inspection of your fire pump system on a regular basis. This ensures that the fire pump system installed on your property is fully functional and passes industry codes and standards. We’ll conduct proper testing and look for any parts that will need to be repaired or replaced.

Backflow Preventer Repair and Installation

Backflow Preventer Repair and Installation
If you have backflow preventer devices installed in your water supply or distribution system, they are prone to wear and tear if left unattended. We’ll inspect these devices, check for damaged parts, and make the necessary repairs. We can also install new bacflow preventer devices if you don’t have them installed yet.

Other Services

Other Services
We install emergency lights, and exit signs. Our works conform to building codes, NFPA, and international building codes. If during the inspections we find that your system fails to meet the requirements, we can provide consultation maintenance and repairs.

Fire Protection in Stockton, CA


Protect Your Assets

Some fire sprinklers can be blocked obstructed due to corrosion. This is only one of the many things that will render a good fire system unreliable in an event of a fire. To avoid that, working hand in hand with a fire protection company is necessary. We can conduct an inspection on internal pipes, fire suppression systems, and so much more.


Fire Protection Company in Stockton, CA

Missing required inspections can lead to legal nightmares. Owners can be also be denied by their insurance provider, making it harder for them to restart business or life. Avoid these while you got the time. We’re ready to help.


Fire Security in Stockton, CA


Setting expectations

To enjoy our fire sprinkler system installation and other solutions, please give us a call for an estimate. For a detailed breakdown of cost, we recommend inviting us to the site for the inspection. This will help determine the best fire system for the building. If you already have an existing one, we can perform an inspection to determine if the system still meets the requirements.


Fire System Company in Stockton, CA


We have CADD-generated drawings that will help you easily go through your fire protection design from top to bottom before the installation or improvements begin. We also provide an electronic copy of all required inspections.


We’re a reliable fire system company. Protect your assets with us, we cover Stockton, CA.

Client’s Testimonial

Worth It

This company is very transparent and professional. I never had a problem with their fire protection service. They come on time and make me feel that my investment is worth it. I highly recommend them.

Rafael Rodrigues De Oliveira Turina
Rafael Rodrigues De Oliveira Turina
I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for great work.

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